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Bad Nose Job: What Do You Do?

A bad nose job can change your life. Obsessing over what went wrong, depression and figuring out what to do next can occupy your mind.  When a rhinoplasty doesn’t go the way you expected, you may even blame yourself. It’s a hard thing to go through, but don’t worry, you do have options. Here are a few things to do and to consider when you’re not happy with a nose job. The Healing Process Healing is a tough time for some rhinoplasty patients.  You’re anxious to see how your new nose will appear, but can’t see past the initial bruising … Continue reading »

Finding the Perfect Timing for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is usually an outpatient procedure, on average the surgery lasts about 2 hours and the patient may expect to stay in the surgical facility for a few hours after surgery.  Most patients find the recovery period to be better than expected. There is always some facial pressure, nasal congestion and swelling.  Bruising is variable between patients. Patients recovering from rhinoplasty typically need 2 weeks for bruising and swelling to go down. Again, this can vary on the patient. While most patients can work from home after a few days, the average “social downtime” is 10 – 14 days. With … Continue reading »

How Many Times Can I Get Revision Rhinoplasty?

A good nose job can be positively life-changing. While it can create an immediate impact on the way the world sees you, more importantly, it can reinforce and boost your confidence and how you see yourself.  But what is the results aren’t what you expected? Even in the best hands, the revision rate for rhinoplasty can be around 5% to 10%.  Revision, or secondary rhinoplasty, is when someone undergoes an additional nose job if they are unsatisfied with the first procedure. Some of the most common reasons for revision rhinoplasty include: Adding of removing volume Altering the nasal tip Addressing … Continue reading »

Revision Rhinoplasty: When Is It Necessary?

Although most people who undergo rhinoplasty are satisfied with their long-term results, some patients require a secondary procedure to achieve an outcome that’s just right. My revision rhinoplasty patients in Toronto often have very compelling reasons for undergoing a second surgery, and some of them might surprise you. The Volume Question Adding or removing volume to the nose is a common request among primary rhinoplasty patients, but sometimes the surgery goes too far—or not far enough. Often, revision rhinoplasty is requested to create the appropriate level of volume, one that complements the patient’s natural facial features and creates impeccable symmetry. … Continue reading »