Does Climate Influence Your Nose Shape?

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It may be an unbelievable result to many, but science has recently proven that the climate our ancestors lived in had a significant effect on the shape of our noses. 

For example, peoples in warmer and more humid climates would develop more prominent nostrils, while those in colder and dryer areas would tend towards narrower nostrils. 

Of course, not all of us still live in the kind of conditions that lead our ancestors to develop their nose shapes and nostrils. This dissonance has often lead to requests for “ethnic rhinoplasty” at our Toronto and Newmarket clinic, with patients determining that they will be the ones who get to pick the shape of their noses – not the climate or genetics. 

On the flip side, many patients feel that their nose doesn’t quite match what they think is a “common” shape for their ethnicity. These patients may look for a rhinoplasty to give them features that feel more natural to them.

This article will explore both of these motivations for rhinoplasty and what a skilled “ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon” can do to give you the nose you feel suits you best. 

Rhinoplasty for Men and Women: Stake Your Own Nose Identity 

For rhinoplasty, female and male patients often have one of the same complaints when they first visit the clinic – they feel they have a big nose compared to everyone else. 

However, these “big noses” might be the human default. The smaller nose could have been a development to prevent taking in too much air in colder climates, to protect the people living there from irritation and nosebleeds

Of course, today, in the era of air conditioning and central heating, we rarely have to worry about if our air is too hot or too cold, and our nose shape can often be more of an annoyance than a survival mechanism. 

For those who want a more streamlined nose, a bulbous nose rhinoplasty is often the best choice. This procedure reduces the cartilage inside the nose, giving it a sleeker appearance and correcting bumps and streamlining a crooked nose. After two weeks of keeping the nose covered and wrapped for recovery, you’ll have a whole new nose!

Ethnic Features and Nose Jobs: Return to Your Nose Roots

Maybe you don’t care about how big your nose is, and perhaps you just feel that another type of nose would better suit your face. After all, it is your face, and it should be a face you enjoy looking at in the mirror.

A good plastic surgeon is an excellent resource for determining what the perfect nose is for you. Of course, we believe that there is no such thing as a “perfect nose,” – but there can be a “perfect nose for a particular face.”  The most important thing is that you can sport features that you feel comfortably sit on your face and are the best expression of the “true you.” 

Want to Learn More Before Your Rhinoplasty Procedure? 

The road to rhinoplasty surgery can be uneventful with the right doctor. Dr. Richard Rival is a board-certified Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon. As a facial plastic surgeon who excels at rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty and renowned for working with patients seeking facial plastic surgery with an ethnic background, Dr. Rival is a top choice to correct a nasal tip or nasal bridge.

If you are interested in learning more about the rhinoplasty healing process or other cosmetic nose surgery, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer all of your rhinoplasty questions in an in-person or virtual consultation!

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