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How to Get Natural Looking Nose Job

A good nose job isn’t as simple as changing a video game character. While an app can show what a reduced nose size or change in shape can do for an entire face, the actual procedure takes more than a few simple swipes. 

Natural-looking results require the right blend of skill, anatomical, and aesthetic understanding. 

In this article, we reveal how the best nose surgeons in Toronto create a natural-looking nose job through precision and care.

Understanding the Anatomy of the Nose

Rhinoplasty is often considered the most difficult operation in plastic surgery. 

The nose is an important organ and there is very little room for error, in both function and appearance. It requires careful manipulation of skin, bone, and cartilage. 

As such, a natural-looking nose job requires the plastic surgeon to understand the anatomy of the nose in great detail.

For visual effect, the doctor must clearly understand the lines of the nose. 

Close attention needs to be paid to shadow and continuous lines. Breaking the lines or highlighting shadows in the wrong place can result in unnatural-looking results.

In earlier days of rhinoplasty, you could tell which doctor did which surgery by looking at the tip of the nose. Everyone had their own distinct style. Today, the best rhinoplasty surgeons don’t adjust the tip to their own style. Instead, they adjust to create the best fit for the patient’s aesthetics.

Understanding of Facial Aesthetics

The nose is a central feature of the face. For a natural appearance, it needs to fit symmetrically and aesthetically with the shape and features of the face. 

Because of this, the best nose surgeons need to understand not only the anatomy of the nose but also the aesthetics of the face.

This knowledge allows rhinoplasty surgeons to better predict how the surgery would affect the appearance of the whole face, and determine which adjustments to make.

One of the key things a doctor must understand is what looks right with different face shapes. 

Rhinoplasty is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. For example, the best looking nose for a round face would be offputting on a more oval or square-shaped face. 

As well, the surgeon of choice needs to possess a strong understanding of the noses of different ethnicities. 

For a natural nose job, the “nose ethnicity” should match up with the patient’s ethnicity. For some patients, this can present a challenge. In many places, there are fewer plastic surgeons with experience working on African nose jobs and Asian nose jobs.

When you choose a rhinoplasty surgeon, have a careful look at some of the nose jobs they have worked on. See if they have experience working on people with ethnicities and face shapes similar to your own.

Most nose surgeons have a photo gallery on their site, but it’s worth asking to see other examples in your consultation. Not every patient is okay with showing their results online, but most allow for sharing the before and after photos in consultations.

Realistic Expectations

A doctor who sets up realistic expectations is one major sign of a rhinoplasty surgeon you can trust. 

There are limitations to what can be done, with the goal of a natural nose job. Realistic expectations prevent you from being surprised or unhappy with the end result. 

As well, an overambitious nose job can end up with a distinctly unnatural appearance.


When it comes down to the actual surgery, you need a doctor who can deliver precise surgical results. 

Once they determine the desired outcome, you need a nose surgeon with the skills and equipment to bring that vision to life.

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