The Rise of the Nose Job Recovery Experience

Posted on by Dr. Richard Rival

Maybe it’s just a trend, or perhaps it’s a consequence of our increasing desire to overshare everything. Still, it’s increasingly easy to find videos by influencers and vloggers charting their rhinoplasty recovery as rhinoplasty patients.

But how often do these Youtube sagas tell the whole story? And is going public with your nose job recovery always the best idea? We’ll explain some things to consider about the public and private sides of the rhinoplasty recovery journey.  

The Rise of Rhinoplasty Youtube Video

Showing a before and after experience online can be a positive experience. Firstly, by creating Youtube videos and other nose job recovery content, rhinoplasty surgeries and rhinoplasty recovery receive more significant normalization. 

Sometimes patients are nervous about their changed appearance – nose job recovery videos and posts help make the process seem more every day, like any other surgery.

Rhinoplasty Youtube videos also give those thinking about rhinoplasty a good idea of the reality of nose surgery before and after differences. People may not be aware that the effects of rhinoplasty can be very different depending on age, gender, or even ethnicity

This rhinoplasty social media content can give people more realistic expectations when it comes to their rhinoplasty.

These videos can also be beneficial in detailing the nose job recovery process for those who are not familiar. Your cosmetic surgeon should, of course, be educating you on this topic, but reinforcement never hurts. 

Rhinoplasty aftercare is vital to understand, as is knowing what to look for in the case of something going wrong. 

What if Something Does Go Wrong?

A downside of rhinoplasty recovery videos is that they can spread misinformation about the process – about who needs the process, how to get the process, and about the aftercare period. 

You should always make sure that you trust your cosmetic surgeon over a post-op Youtube video! Even if it’s coming from your favourite influencer or celebrity.

Rhinoplasty recovery videos may also create unrealistic expectations beyond what the original rhinoplasty intends to do. You should remember that every rhinoplasty is unique, and you need to communicate clearly with your cosmetic surgeon over what the goal of your rhinoplasty is – lest you end up with a rhinoplasty you’re dissatisfied with after the rhinoplasty recovery time is over. 

If you still feel like you didn’t get what you want after your nose job recovery period is over, you may want to look into revision rhinoplasty. The best cosmetic surgeons will understand precisely how to handle this process. 

In the end, while it can be fun to watch rhinoplasty experience videos to experience the rhinoplasty recovery of others, remember that your rhinoplasty is your rhinoplasty. You should be receiving cosmetic surgery to become happy and healthy in your own body – not to mimic someone else’s face! Plus, from days after surgery to months later, rhinoplasty should be for you.

Looking For Revision Rhinoplasty?

Are you looking for revision rhinoplasty in Toronto or Newmarket? Feel free to contact us to get all your rhinoplasty questions answered from breathing problems, the healing process, or the recovery time. Dr. Richard Rival is a board-certified Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Plastic Surgeon practicing in Facial Plastic Surgery exclusively.

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