Rhinoplasty Recovery During Summer Months

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Rhinoplasty Recovery During Summer Months

People are getting excited about a summer out of lockdown, and there has been a boom in rhinoplasty Toronto and Canada-wide as people search for ways to look their best once the pandemic is over. However, there are also those who are hesitating to get the rhinoplasty surgery they want, worried about undergoing rhinoplasty recovery stages during the summer months. As some of the best rhinoplasty surgeons out there, we’re here to answer all your questions about rhinoplasty recovery stages.

Whether you just had rhinoplasty surgery, or are thinking about getting the procedure during the summer, we have all the answers you need about rhinoplasty recovery stages. 

The Rhinoplasty Recovery Stages

Rhinoplasty has a fairly easy recovery process compared to a lot of other surgeries – the best rhinoplasty surgeons will be able to walk you through this process, and give you the medication and care needed. 

Immediately After: Right after the surgery is done, you may still feel groggy from the anesthetic for a few minutes – this is normal! Rhinoplasty is a day surgery, and you will likely go home in a few hours after the procedure. Feeling drowsy, swollen, and congested is perfectly normal during this rhinoplasty recovery stage. If you feel nauseous, your cosmetic surgeon can provide you with medication. You’ll be sent home with a splint and stitches, as well as gauze. 

The Next Week: After 5 to 7 days, you can remove the splint and stitches. At this point, you’ll probably have some bruising and swelling. This is perfectly normal – don’t worry, your nose won’t stay like that! By about the end of the week, your new nose should have settled into its final shape. After 5 days you can feel free to wear makeup as well. 

Afterward: Most side effects of the rhinoplasty will clear up within a week. For an additional week or two, you may experience very minor swelling. However, you may also experience congestion – it’s normal for this to last for a little while longer, but it will also fade. A humidifier in your room, and drinking plenty of water, can easily handle the congestion until it passes and help reduce swelling. 

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time + Summer 

Summer brings a few extra considerations to the rhinoplasty recovery stages. By understanding them, you can get ready for a summer rhinoplasty in Toronto without missing a beat.

Keep Hydrated: We mentioned the importance of drinking plenty of water to avoid congestion. In the summer heat, you may need to make sure you’re getting a little bit extra since you’ll probably be sweating and it is a good idea to keep that water bottle close to help your recovery. 

Careful With the Sunglasses: Right after the rhinoplasty, your nose may be a little sensitive, and sunglasses could be uncomfortable. Tighter versions and wearing glasses could even interfere with the healing process. It’s better to go for shaded caps for a while to keep the sun out of your eyes. 

Watch the Heat: Your nose is going to be very sensitive for a while, and you definitely don’t want to add a sunburn on top of that. However, it’s better to also avoid sunscreen for a little bit after your rhinoplasty procedure. You may want to plan around spending the week after your surgery indoors or in the shade as much as possible, and you should avoid intense sun exposure for a month or so afterward

Hold off on the Pools: You definitely need to avoid water for a little bit, especially while you still have your splints and stitches in. It’s best to probably wait a full month before heading back into the water, to be safest. You have had nose surgery there after all, and it’s best to avoid getting any excess water in or up your nose and avoid an additional need for blowing your nose as well. 

Any More Questions?

As you can see, if you’re getting a rhinoplasty in Toronto this summer, it’s best to plan ahead. If you have any more questions about the rhinoplasty recovery process, or about how you should adjust your summer plans, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re proud to have among the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto, and we’re always happy to use our expertise to answer any questions.

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