Why Rhinoplasty Is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Procedure

Posted on by Dr. Richard Rival

Why Rhinoplasty Is Not a One-Size-Fits-All Procedure

Rhinoplasty is very popular at my Toronto-area facial plastic surgery practice among both men and women. This surgery, also called nose surgery or a nose job, is such an important specialty for me that I’ve been invited to lecture nationally and internationally on the subject. One challenging aspect that draws me to this treatment is the idea that no two rhinoplasty procedures are the same. Each patient presents a unique opportunity to sculpt a nose that’s ideal for that person and that person only.

In this post, I’d like to discuss why taking a custom rhinoplasty approach is so important, and why I am so committed to mastering it.

Goodbye Unnatural Results

In my practice, I’ve noticed a growing trend in patients moving away from major transformations and opting for more subtle changes to the appearance of the nose. Some patients are even opting for nonsurgical rhinoplasty, or a “liquid nose job,” for small adjustments to bumps or sharp bends. This is a minimally invasive alternative and can work well for a variety of subtle adjustments.

However, nonsurgical rhinoplasty may not be right for everyone. If significant changes to the volume or structure of the nose are to be made, a surgical approach may be the better option. With the nonsurgical route, we can still create natural-looking adjustments and restore facial harmony—without leaving behind any signs of facial plastic surgery.

Goodbye, Cookie-Cutter Nose Job

One major reason to choose a highly experienced facial plastic surgeon for nose surgery is that no two rhinoplasty procedures are the same. Each patient has a distinct face and requires an equally distinct approach to refining their nose. As a central facial feature, noses draw attention and dramatically influence the face’s entire appearance.

I use my expertise as a rhinoplasty specialist to deliver targeted results—addressing the unique needs of each patient. Performing the same rhinoplasty on different patients, or trying to re-create one person’s nose on another person’s face, may yield unnatural or less than ideal results.

Goodbye, Guesswork

When you choose rhinoplasty at my practice, I work with you to make your dream nose a reality. I take into careful consideration the look you have in mind for your nose and make it my goal to give you a result perfectly suited to you.

To alleviate uncertainty before the procedure, I offer digital imaging that allows the patient to get an idea of what their results may look like. Though actual results may vary, this software can serve as a great way to make sure my patients and I are completely on the same page as we move forward with the treatment.

Hello to Your New Nose

My results speak for themselves. To see real patient transformations, please visit our before-and-after photo gallery.

If you are ready to discuss rhinoplasty in the Toronto area, please contact us online to request a consultation. You can also call (866) 229-3223 (Toronto) or (905) 830-6711 (Newmarket).

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