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A rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto, Dr. Richard Rival is featured on television and in leading magazines because of his experience and expertise in rhinoplasty and other facial cosmetic surgery procedures. Review his video and some of these interesting articles.

To meet with Dr. Rival, request a rhinoplasty consultation at one of his 3 Toronto area cosmetic surgery offices. If you are interested in a facial plastic surgery procedure other than rhinoplasty, visit Dr. Rival's main site at


Dr. Rival discusses popular Hollywood looks in this segment from etalk.

Elevate MagazineRebecca's Rhinoplasty

When someone who makes their living on TV decides she needs a nose job, you can be sure she put her face in the hands of a facial plastic surgeon with a proven track record of excellence. Rebecca Rosenblat, a psychotherapist who hosts "Sex at 11 with Rebecca," in addition to a radio show, talks about her longtime desire to have plastic surgery in a recent issue of Elevate magazine. Fear of a botched procedure overwhelmed her fantasy until a friend told her about Dr. Richard Rival in Toronto. Dr. Rival answers questions about the successful septo-rhinoplasty he performed on Ms. Rosenblat, which resulted in both aesthetic and functional improvements. Read More »

Elevate MagazineSun, Sand … and Surgery?

More and more people are opting to have cosmetic surgery while vacationing in another country. This trend is known as medical tourism, and Canadians are spending $5 billion annually on medical procedures overseas. Is it safe? An Elevate magazine article featuring Dr. Richard Rival, a rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto, discusses the pros and cons of having surgery in another country versus undergoing the procedure close to home? Read More »

Fashion MagazineFashion Magazine's 2012 Guide to Top Plastic Surgery

For subtle reshaping of your bridge or overhauling a botched job, your nose is in good hands with Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Rival. One of his latest innovations is the scarless lip lift, a boon for those with long, un-inverted lips.

Fashion MagazineFashion Magazine 2011 Cross-Canada Top Plastic Surgery

The city's go-to guy for traditional and revisional rhinoplasties, Dr. Rival sees young models and mere mortals at his three full-service offices. Always ahead of the curve, he now offers an iPhone app with which patients can virtually test drive a new nez. Other offerings include fillers, browlifts and facelifts.

Elevate MagazineFace Value

High-definition TVs, fancy mobile devices and digital cameras are all very nice – some might gamely argue essential – but in down times, conventional wisdom holds that luxury buys are generally best avoided. As for borrowing money to purchase non-essential stuff, only the very brave or very foolish need apply. But what if the so-called luxury purchase highest on your list is eyelid surgery that would make you look younger and more competitive in your field? Or a hair transplant that would boost your confidence while dating? Read More »

Fashion MagazineCross-Canada Guide to Some of the Best Places for Cosmetic Fixes

Traditional and revisional rhinoplasties are Dr. Rival's specialties, and both urban and suburban patients can seek out revamped profiles at his three locations—check out his cutting-edge midtown office. He also offers scores of fillers and minimal-incision face and brow lifts.

Fashion MagazineA Real Patient Story from Elevate Magazine — 2008 "On the Nose"

"How my perseverance landed me the perfect surgeon for the job and the perfect nose for me..."

One of Dr. Rival's Patients tells her rhinoplasty story to Elevate Magazine.

Read a copy of the printed article (PDF) »

Fashion MagazineDr. Richard Rival in Canada's Fashion Magazine — 2008 "Canada's Best Cosmetic Surgeons"

From Fashion Magazine: "If you're in the market for a new nose, you can trust the sure hands of Rival, who specializes in primary and revision rhinoplasty. He recruits computer imaging to help patients visualize their new profile before he lifts a scalpel. The limited-incision browlift has been growing in popularity at Rival's three offices because it leaves patients with less bruising and swelling, which cuts down recovery time by nearly a week."

Fashion MagazineDr. Richard Rival in Canada's Fashion Magazine — 2007 "Top Doctors"

From Fashion Magazine: "Botched nose job? Not happy with Mother Nature's version? Specializing in primary and revision rhinoplasty, Rival uses computer imaging to help patients visualize their new noses—resulting in less loss through translation."

Elevate MagazineDr. Richard Rival - "Ask the Expert" on rhinoplasty

From Elevate Magazine: "The skin between my nostrils seems to hang down farther than most people's. Can this be fixed through surgery, and is it as intensive as a typical nose job? - Brenda, email

Dr. Richard Rival, a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty in Newmarket and Toronto, responds:
The skin that hangs down in between your nostrils is commonly reduced as part of a rhinoplasty procedure. It is rare that this is the only problem with an individual's nose, but, if so, it can be repaired without making other changes to the nose. The extent of surgery required would depend on the cause but typically it would be less surgery than a 'full' rhinoplasty."

Ethnic Surgery On The Rise - Toronto Star"Ethnic Surgery on Rise", Toronto Star

Dr. Rival shares his expert perspective on factors influencing the growing trend of facial surgeries among various ethnic groups.

Read a copy of the printed article (PDF) »

Fashion MagazineDr. Richard Rival in Canada's Fashion Magazine — "Best Nip and Tuck" in the Face Category

Fashion Magazine says: "Whether it's for a nostril nip and tuck or the solution to breathing problems, you can see Dr. Richard Rival at his downtown or Newmarket digs. Face-, brow- and eyelifts, and facial implants round out the menu of procedures.

Elevate MagazineDr. Richard Rival, Revision Rhinoplasty Expert

From Elevate Magazine: "Between five and 10 percent of all rhinoplasty operations require a revision surgery, says Dr. Richard Rival, a facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty in Toronto. The reason? "Either the surgeon took too much away or didn't take enough away," he explains. The result: Noticeable asymmetry (one side looks bigger, smaller or just plain different from the other). Other side-effects of an unsuccessful rhinoplasty include: small, permanent bumps on the nose that can require a minor procedure to smooth out; necrosis, a rare condition in which the skin dies; narrowed breathing passages; and skin discolouration due to damaged blood vessels."

Elevate MagazineDr. Rival Gives Expert Advice about Ear Surgery

Question: "How old does a patient need to be before getting otoplasty (ear surgery)? What does the prodecure involve and what are the risks? If you get it done too young, what aret he odds that you have to get it redone as an adult? Is it true that if the patient is under 18, the surgery could be covered by provincial insurance?"

Answer: A patient should be five or six before getting otoplasty. The surgery is done under general anesthetic for children but can be done under local or intravenous sedation for adults. The procedure, which takes one to two hours, involves making small incisions in the crease behind the ear, and reshaping the cartilage using excision and sutures. A dressing is placed around the head but removed within a few days. There is usually minimal discomfort following surgery and most people return to work or school in one to two weeks.

Risks include bleeding, infection, a thick scar or reaction to the suture material. Trauma to the ear post-surgery can increase the risk of the ear protruding again, but it's more common in adults, who have thicker cartilage, than it is in kids. Until you are 18, otoplasty is an insured service by the Ministry of Health in Ontario.

Elevate MagazineElevate Magazine Seeks Dr. Rival's Advice about Unwanted Earring Holes

Question: Is there any way to get rid of the earring holes in my lobes?

Dr. Richard Rival (facial plastic surgeon in Toronto) responds: Large holes or "split ear lobes" can be easily repaired by a small procedure under local anesthetic. There are several techniques, but generally the surgeon excises the hole and sutures it together, leaving a small, hard-to-see scar. You should wait a few months if repiercing is desired, and then only with small stud earrings. Risks include infection and formation of a keloid or hypertrophic scar (thick red scar), but both are uncommon.

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