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Rhinoplasty Specialist in Ontario Launches Free iPhone App

Dr. Richard Rival is giving patients the opportunity to learn more about facial plastic surgery. His recently launched iPhone application called "Dr. Rival" allows patients to upload photographs and see what they would look like after surgery.

Toronto, Ontario (December 2010) – For those who have always wondered what they would look like with a different nose, they no longer have to visit a plastic surgeon's office. Dr. Richard Rival, a specialist in rhinoplasty in Ontario, has launched a new application called "Dr. Rival" for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The free app, available for download at iTunes, allows the user to upload photographs of themselves to see what they would look like after surgery. This technological innovation is a way for patients to stop imagining how they could look and start to see the possible results of a cosmetic surgery procedure.

"I am thrilled to launch such an advanced piece of software that can help people envision how they might look after surgery," says Dr. Rival. "I believe that this app will be particularly helpful for people who are curious about plastic surgery but would first like to explore their options privately. Through their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, they are able to upload their own pictures, see post-surgery projections, and receive a quote estimating how much their plastic surgery procedure will cost."

The "Dr. Rival" application also allows for the user to browse over 50 before and after photographs of Dr. Rival's previous patients who have had nose surgery in Toronto, as well as other facial cosmetic procedures. Viewing before and after photographs is important for people considering cosmetic surgery because they are able to see if their aesthetic matches that of the surgeon. Additionally, those who have downloaded the application can read about the different types of procedures Dr. Rival offers and find out more about what they entail.

"Ultimately, the app I've launched is all about patient education," explains Dr. Rival. "Allowing potential patients to understand how facial cosmetic surgery in Toronto works helps them make informed decisions. What's more is that users are able to contact me through this application with any questions or inquiries they may have, and I am able to respond quickly and easily."

This patient-centered approach underlying the app can also be seen in Dr. Rival's practice. He is dedicated to informing his patients about the procedures he performs, as well as answering any questions that a person may have. "I hope that anyone who is considering a cosmetic procedure downloads my application. It is an easy and fun way to discover more about facial cosmetic procedures without having to schedule a consultation...and from the privacy of your own phone."

Request a rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Rival at one of his three Toronto-area cosmetic surgery offices. If you are interested in a facial plastic surgery procedure other than rhinoplasty, visit Dr. Rival's main site at

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