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Rhinoplasty Specialist in Toronto Comments on Study of Revision Cases

A recent study shows that airway concerns are a major reason many patients seek revision for rhinoplasty, Toronto surgeon Dr. Richard Rival explains. He says surgeons need to pay special attention to this during initial rhinoplasty surgeries... Read More »

Rhinoplasty Satisfaction Linked to Preoperative Body Image

Dr. Richard Rival, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty in Toronto, says the incidence of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) symptoms often correlates with postoperative satisfaction for rhinoplasty patients... Read More »

Richard Rival, MD, FRCS

Board-certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology, Dr. Rival devotes his practice exclusively to enhancement of the face and neck, with a focused specialty in rhinoplasty.

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Dr. Rival
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Toronto Face Lift Specialist Contributes to Elevate Magazine

In a recent article in Elevate, a leading anti-aging and wellness magazine, Dr. Richard Rival discusses cosmetic surgery financing options and notes that his patients often see their cosmetic procedures as personal investments... Read More »

Rhinoplasty Specialist in Ontario Launches Free iPhone App

Dr. Richard Rival is giving patients the opportunity to learn more about facial plastic surgery. His recently launched iPhone application called "Dr. Rival" allows patients to upload photographs and see what they would look like after surgery... Read More »

Technology Improving Toronto Rhinoplasty Results

Using technologies like digital imaging and 3D presentations of nose surgery procedures, Dr. Richard Rival is enhancing patient communication before rhinoplasty procedures for improved outcomes... Read More »

"Injectable" Rhinoplasty Patients Choosing Nose Surgery in Toronto

While "injectable" nose jobs in Toronto are often touted as a cheap and easy substitute for certain types of nose surgery, Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rival explains why these procedures may offer less permanent results and fewer benefits than surgical rhinoplasty... Read More »

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