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Rhinoplasty Revision Case 24

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  • Rhinoplasty Revision

Rhinoplasty Revision Case

This young woman had previously undergone plastic rhinoplasty surgery in Toronto with another doctor. Unfortunately, she was unhappy with her results because she still had a persistent bump on her nose in the lower part of the bridge, and both her bridge and the lower section of her nose appeared to be very twisted. In addition to these aesthetic disappointments, she also had significant breathing difficulties that added physical discomfort to her self-consciousness. In her consultation with Dr. Rival this patient explored different options to revise her previous procedure and regain a more balanced, confident appearance.

Because this patient's internal nose structure was a significant concern, Dr. Rival performed a septorhinoplasty to straighten her nose inside and out. This particular procedure not only improves the appearance of the nose, but it also corrects any internal obstructions that may be hindering comfortable nasal breathing. In some cases Dr. Rival can perform revision procedures through the nostrils (internal or "closed" rhinoplasty), although he generally prefers the external or "open" approach for patients such as this one, who require extensive internal and external correction to the structure of both the lower and upper nose.

This patient enjoyed a normal recovery from her revision rhinoplasty, and you can see in her post-operative photograph that her nose is healing very well, with no visible scarring. Now that her nose is straighter, she is able to breathe much more comfortably. Also, her results are in keeping with the aesthetic balance of her other features; she has preserved her naturally attractive appearance and is very happy with results of her Toronto "nose job."

Gender: Female
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