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Rhinoplasty Case 18

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Procedures Performed

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty Revision

Rhinoplasty Case

This young man decided to come in for a consultation for a revision rhinoplasty in Toronto after his previous rhinoplasty surgeon used an overly aggressive approach that left him with a lumpy, "scooped" looking nose that did not balance well with his other facial features. In his consultation, the man expressed interest in options to achieve a straighter and more consistent shape and restore some of the volume below his nasal bridge.

Revision procedures tend to require special skill because the doctor has to create a pleasing shape at the same time as he corrects the the previous surgeon's work. In this young man's case, the previous surgeon had removed too much of the original bone and cartilage that normally support the nasal tissues. When he evaluated this patient's preoperative nasal structure, Dr. Rival recommended a procedure that would use a small amount of cartilage from the patient's nasal septum to restore a more balanced shape.

The patient was very satisfied with the results of his plastic rhinoplasty surgery in Toronto. In the postoperative photo, you can see that his nose has a much more natural curve, without the abrupt dip that was evident before the revision. Although Dr. Rival did not adjust the nose tip or the nostrils, both appear much more balanced now that nose bridge is straighter and more natural-looking. In the side view, you can also see that the nose no longer appears overprojected and now balances very well with the man's profile.

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