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Rhinoplasty Case

This young woman in Toronto was always troubled by a bump on her nasal bridge visible in her pre operative photographs, and felt that her nose was too long for her small, rounded face. She desired a “nose job” in Toronto to address her disproportionate facial features, but she still wanted her nose to look natural for her face. Because of his extensive experience in cosmetic nose surgery, she scheduled a consultation with Dr. Rival to discuss her options and gain a better understanding of the benefits that rhinoplasty surgery could provide her.

Based on her physical examination and the goals she expressed in her consultation, Dr. Rival determined that reduction rhinoplasty, a procedure designed to reduce the shape and enhance the appearance of the nose, would best suit this patient’s needs. In order to preserve a substantial amount of lower-lateral cartilage, Dr. Rival utilized a "closed," or endonasal, rhinoplasty approach. Through a small incision at the nosetip he reduced the size of her unwanted nasal hump, while maintaining the overall symmetry of the nose and dramatically improving her facial balance.

This woman is very pleased with her procedure by Toronto rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Rival, and her new appearance no longer displays the traits she once found unappealing. Her straighter nose now harmonizes with the other features in her profile, and its length is no longer a concern. Because her nose no longer dominates her face, her eyes and mouth are more noticeable and her face overall looks more symmetrical and attractive.

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