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Rhinoplasty Case

A prominent nasal "hump" often makes a nose seem longer. This Toronto-area woman scheduled an appointment at Dr. Rival's rhinoplasty clinic in Toronto to find out how cosmetic surgery could refine the shape of her nose by shortening it and reducing the bridge. In her first meeting with Dr. Rival, he examined her nose and found that the large nasal bridge and the abnormally wide nasal tip were partly to blame for making her nose appear so long. In the view from below the nose, you can also see some deviation in the "nasal pyramid," the triangle created by the nostrils and nose tip.

In her consultation, Dr. Rival and the patient developed a surgical plan that would meet her goals and take into account factors like the unusually thick skin at the end of her nose. Although the patient had considered nostril narrowing, she decided to wait for the results of her initial procedure before committing to that additional step.

In her procedure Dr. Rival reduced the hump and shortened the nose by removing excess skin at the tip. In the process, he adjusted the nose tip to compensate for its initial deviation and give a more balanced look.

In the post-operative photos, we see a dramatic difference in the nose shape. The nose length appears much more normal, and the nose as a whole appears much straighter and less hooked. From below, the nostrils and nose tip create a much more proportional triangular shape, and the extra tissue at the end of the nose has been reduced to create a thinner (but not too thin) end result. Although the patient did not choose to undergo nostril reduction, her nose job in Toronto still improved the look of her nostrils by creating a more natural shape for the nose as a whole.

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