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Rhinoplasty Case

Previous injury had left this young man with a nose that severely deviated from its original, balanced position. In his consultation at our plastic and rhinoplasty surgery offices in Toronto, he explained that the awkward shape of his nose made him self-conscious of his appearance and even made breathing difficult.

Dr. Rival and the patient discussed a few different options, focusing on ways to correct the bent shape of the patient's nose, minimize his nasal "hump," and elevate the drooping nosetip. Open rhinoplasty corrects the angle and shape of the nose by re-contouring the bone and cartilage that structure it. At the same time, nose surgery can reshape the cartilage and soft tissues at the nosetip and nostrils to ensure a balanced, proportional final result.

This patient enjoyed a normal recovery, after which he was glad to see a much more proportional, natural-looking nose shape. In the follow-up examination Dr. Rival, rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto, was pleased to note that the nose was straighter and much more level. While the nose post-procedure appears slightly smaller, it still balances out the patient's features in a way that looks very natural. As a result the patient feels much more confident with the appearance of his nose, and can now breathe much more clearly.

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