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Rhinoplasty Case

This young woman always felt her nose was too large for her face. In her consultation at our comfortable offices she explored a few different approaches to reshape her nose using rhinoplasty in Toronto. In her consultation, Dr. Rival assessed her facial structure and discussed her best options to correct her nasal bridge and the tip of her nose, which both project too far from her face. This creates a disproportionate look from a number of angles, as the nose draws attention away from the eyes and disrupts the balance created by the chin and forehead.

In her procedure, Dr. Rival performed an external-approach reduction rhinoplasty with major reduction and reshaping of both the nasal tip and the bridge. She has recovered normally, and her nose is nearly completely healed. Her results are shown just 3 weeks after her procedure. Although we rarely show results this early, her photos give a good idea of the dramatic improvement many patients can achieve in even a short time.

She is still experiencing some swelling in both the bridge and the tip of her nose, but this will disappear in the next few weeks. The patient is very pleased with her Toronto nose job results already, and will continue to see subtle improvements. As you can see in the postoperative photo, her nose's new size and shape harmonizes much better with the proportions of her face overall, so that the focus of her face is now where it should be: on the eyes.

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