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Rhinoplasty Case 47

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Rhinoplasty Case

This Toronto area woman desired a change in the appearance of her nose.  She felt that her nose was too prominent for her face.  She was particularily troubled by her profile which showed a large dorsal hump and a mildly overprojected tip.  A closed septorhinoplasty surgery was performed to reduce the hump and set back the tip slightly.  The tip was also narrowed in a conservative fashion.  Early results are shown here, there is still some swelling in the tip and along the sides of the nose and in the lower part of the bridge.  Preoperative computer imaging and discussion had indicated that a straight profile would likely be obtained given the high starting point of the nose .  It is very hard for a plastic surgeon to reduce the staring point of the nose (or the radix) therefore it often determines how much the bridge can be reduced. 
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