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Rhinoplasty Case 53

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Rhinoplasty Case

This north Toronto young woman felt her nose was overall too large.  She disliked the bump on the nasal bridge.  She felt the tip came out too far or was overprojected.  From the front view she had excess tissue hanging down in between the nostrils or excess infratip lobule.  However overall her nose from the front was attractive. Rhinoplasty was performed to reduce the hump, set the tip back and reduce the excess infratip lobule.  Her change is most noticeable from the profile view.  From the front the nose looks softer but generally there is not a major change. Dr RIval is always very concerned about the frontal view in rhinoplasty.  While we often are trying to correct a problem seen mostly on profile it is important that the this does compromise the frontal view which is ofcoarse the view we see ourselves most of the time.
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