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Rhinoplasty Case 54

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Procedures Performed

  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Case

This young women felt her nose was too large  for her face.  It was somewhat wide from  the front but the major concern was the profile where her tip was quite overprojected. She had an external (open) approach septorhinoplasty to acheive significant deprojection of her nose setting it back closer to her face.  The post operative photographs show the nose is set back and the nostril has shrunk to a much smaller size.  The tip has been narrowed but still looks round and natural.  The view from below shows a well healed external rhinoplasty scar which is very hard to see even at this magnification.  The reduction in the size of the nasal tip is also evident from below.  Often when a rhinoplasty is done to reduce a large nose the profile looks much better but the front view looks un- natural.  Dr Rival strives to produce a natural appearance from all angles.
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