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Rhinoplasty Case 6

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Before Rhinoplasty

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  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Case

This Toronto patients nose came too far out from the face or  was overprojected.  Conservative rhinoplasty was performed to set the tip back and maintain a strong male bridge.  Rhinoplasty sugeons would call this nose a "tension nose."  The nose is pushed forward from the face by the overlong septum and nasal spine ( a small piece of bone at the base of the nose).  By reducing these structures the nose fall back closer to the face and is therefore deprojected.  One can also appreciate a bulge or ridge in the before picture in the right nostril.  This represents the overlong and deviated septum.  In the after photo te deviated long septum has been repaired.  His nose now "fits his face" much better.
Gender: Male
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