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Rhinoplasty Case 61

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Procedures Performed

  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Case

This young Toronto woman disliked the appearance of her nose.  She felt the tip was too wide and bulbous and prominent on her face. She was bothered by the bump on the bridge.  She desired a more sloped bridge on profile.  An external approach rhinoplasty was performed to allow significant tip work to be performed.  She had relatively thick skin but despite this a significant improvement in tip definition and tip narrowing was accomplished.  The bridge was reduced to the desired level to produce a more sloped soft feminine profile.  The view from below shows the significant change in tip shape and the well healed external approach incision which is barely visible.  The goal is to take a tip that is round and ball like or bulbous and make it more defined and triangular.  This is often limited by how thick the skin is.
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