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Procedures Performed

  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Case

This young man was unhappy with the bulbous appearance and disproportionately large size of his nose in comparison to the rest of his face. The tip of his nose appeared especially droopy and bulbous from the front. Adding to his problems, his nose was deviated, causing severe breathing problems that added physical discomfort to his self-consciousness about his appearance.

To find out more about how cosmetic surgery could correct these problems he planned a consultation with Dr. Rival, rhinoplasty surgeon in Toronto. After discussing a number of options they decided together on an open-approach septorhinoplasty.

This procedure is commonly used to help straighten crooked noses or improve nasal breathing. Although it requires a somewhat longer incision than a "closed" approach procedure, it also allows the doctor to make significant, very precise adjustments and is often most appropriate for highly challenging cases like this one. In this patient's procedure Dr. Rival effectively reduced the patient’s hump while lifting, narrowing, and repositioning the nose tip so that it projected to an appropriate distance from the face.

This patient enjoyed a normal recovery from his rhinoplasty plastic surgery in Toronto, after which he was glad to see a less obtrusive, more natural-looking nose. Not only can this patient breathe better after his surgery, but he is also more confident with his newly proportionate look.

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