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Rhinoplasty Case 72

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  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Case

This young man began researching rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto to find out how to correct his overly prominent nose. During his consultation, Dr. Rival found that the man's nose exhibited a large hump and over-projected bridge, as well as an over-projected tip. This patient's preoperative photographs show how his crooked nose with its large, asymmetrical tip and nostrils caused his face to appear uneven. In his evaluation Dr. Rival established that this man has quite thick skin, which would naturally limit the amount of reduction possible. People with this trait can still expect a smaller, more improved shape to the nose, but their new nose will not be "small."

This patient underwent open rhinoplasty with a reduction of the nasal bridge. Because of the thickness of his skin, the nose tip also received extensive work to create a good nasal structure and adjust his deviated septum. This internal structure will improve the function of the nose, as well as create a more defined result as the skin contracts during healing. Many patients have thick skin or other factors that pose additional concerns for cosmetic surgery, but Dr. Rival has experience in a wide range of techniques to address even complex cases such as this one.

This patient is very pleased with his results. The postoperative photos show that this man's nose is now significantly reduced and presents an enhanced, much more proportional shape. It is now straighter, and seen from below both the tip and the nostrils appear much more symmetrical. The tip is also noticeably reduced, with better definition. As a result of his Toronto rhinoplasty plastic surgery, this patient also enjoys an improved nasal passage that allows him to breathe more easily.

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