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Rhinoplasty Case 73

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  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Case

This young woman underwent a rhinoplasty or nose job surgery in Toronto.  Her main concern was that her nose was too wide overall for her face.  The nasal tip was also slightly over projected and she had a bump on the nasal bridge.  Analysis of her nose revealed quite thick skin and a nose that was wide both in the bridge region as well as the tip. Results are shown at about 1 year after an external approach septorhinoplasty.  Despite her thick skin significant narrowing has been achieved from top to bottom of the nose.  Nostril narrowing was not performed.  The dorsal hump was reduced and the tip set back and lifted a bit.  It's important to note that her nose took quite some time to achieve this shape.  Patients with thick skin will often takes months and even up to a a year and a half for the final results to be evident. 
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