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  • Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Case

This young woman did not like the look of her nose.  She felt the tip was too long and roopy and bulbous.  She disliked her profile especially. She was found to have cartilages in the tip that were positioned in such a way that they are directed towards the middle.  Surgeons call this cephalically oriented lower lateral cartilages or Paranthesis deformity.  This often creates a prominent tip and droopy nose with poor airflow. A celebrity who I feel has this type of nose is Owen Wilson.  Generally to correct this your rhinoplasty surgeon will change the position of the cartilages so they are oriented correctly.  This gives a nicer refined tip that is narrower and supports the side walls of the nose better so breathing is improved.  Along with repositioning of the cartilages she also underwent reduction  of the bump and lifting of her tip.
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